Realizing and Protecting your Value


Products we offer

We have subscribed to the above plans

and actively use the resources of their professional staff since 2007, over 10 years.

You can read our testimony here.


Services we offer:

  • Financial Analysis and Scorecard
  • QuickBooks Accounting



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We are proud members of Sonoma County GoLocal


Evolving your value



Services we offer:


  • Personal Coaching


  • Clarity in Accounting with QuickBooks

Business management perspective.
Trainings in QuickBooks and how to understand and strategize with financial statements are available.
Ken Norton has set up the companies he has managed with QuickBooks and  has led SCORE workshops for start-up small companies. 

  • Sales Strategies and Consultancy 


Elaine B. Holtz has given workshops and has set up and led sales departments. Trainings are available.
Call or email us using the contact information at the bottom or via the Contact Us page.


  • Public Speaking Coaching & Training for effective presentations


Elaine B. Holtz is the Producer/Host of Women's Spaces Radio Show and has given workshops on public speaking and coached leaders in business and politics in improving their public speaking. Call or email us using the contact information at the bottom or via the Contact Us page.


 Radiate the Vision of your Value


 Services we offer:


  • Website Development


Ken Norton will build your website to Web 3.0 standards compatible with most popular browsers.   See the websites he has built and manages: 



  •  Event Production


We have experience producing events.


  •  Professional Writing


We are wordsmiths.  We can write professional articles for publication. 


Click here to see examples of Elaine's published articles. 


Ken has had 20 years of experience in composition, proofreading, and editing with his mentor, Prof.Dr. William Hermanns.